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Garmin auto devices

I got a new vehicle last week that has navigation.
It seems to use the HERE maps so the maps are very identical to the Garmin units.
The layout and interface is of course different.
The car is also compatible with Android Auto so I tried both google maps and Waze.

To be honest after trying the three of them, I prefer the simplicity of the Garmin.
The only thing that is really missing for me is traffic and crowdsourcing event reports.

Garmin is letting the car units die off and I think its avoidable.

The car system is clunky, feels slow and the map is just ugly. Google/Waze look allot better but they are cumbersome because you need to plug the phone via cable for it to work and of course require constant data.

Advantage with the car navigation is that its integrated into the vehicle.As for Google/waze because of up to date traffic info and event reports by people the routing is alot better.

If Garmin took advantage of the garmin link feature and added crowd event reporting I think their package would remain very attractive imo.
I would rather have a unit stuck on the windshield and keep my phone in my pocket using minimal data.
Its a shame.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Zemartelo said:

    Garmin is letting the car units die off and I think its avoidable.

    I don't understand this. Did you mean "unavoidable"? I don't agree that they are letting their automotive units "die off". IMO, they are just paring back their automotive offerings and that's not a bad thing. In the past, there were far too many similar devices with a confusing set of different features.

    Now, they aren't updating their devices as often as before, but I guess they feel the market just doesn't care (which is probably true IMO).

    Garmin recently announced a new platform for auto navigation, perhaps it will lead to some better built-in navigation systems?

    "Advancements in Garmin navigation continue moving forward thanks to a slew of new features set to launch as a global OEM solution beginning in 2020. Customers will be able to take advantage of a hybrid navigation system that powers connected vehicles with real-time, cloud-based destination search and routing. In situations where connectivity is not available, the navigation solution utilizes on-board maps and routing to provide an uncompromised navigation experience. Other improvements include intelligent map labeling, and a new intuitive route-shaping feature for custom routes. The platform will also contain the company’s RouteCastä Weather system for mile-by-mile route-specific forecasts. In preparation to support upcoming electric vehicle (EV) product launches, Garmin will reveal its latest EV feature set."
  • Zemartelo 207 Points
    I support the trimming of the products offered.
    I hope those features will be available to the standalone units. People dont buy new cars very often.
    Garmin is completely missing the boat with the user interactivity. They have to copy waze and google. They already have the platform that will connect the unit to the internet via bluetooth using people phones.
    Let the people report road issues real time.

    Im just thinking of the possibilities. I tried waze yesterday and while driving saw big pothole. reported it in the app and it felt great to see the warning show up on the map.

    Imagine doing this with the Garmin unit.... spot a pothole/acident/road obstruction/hazard/whatever and you say 'Voice Command, Report pothole".
    Boom done, pothole warning posted for the whole community to be aware of.

    Following week someone drives by, and theres no more pothole, 'Voice Command, Remove Pothole".
    Done, its gone.

    This simple and easy. Why cant Garmin do this?? I rather have a standalone unit than a built in navigation system. imo the built in system should be for audio entertainement and system stats.
    I guess I am old school.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited April 2019
    No question that Garmin can do this. But they just aren't interested. And I have to believe that's because they don't think it will sell. If they put all those features into an automotive device, it probably wouldn't sell any better than their current devices, because most people would rather use their phone. ;) And, of course, your idea still requires you to have a smartphone with a data connection.

    So, yes, you are "old school". And (sorry) the old school is dying off. So Garmin is slanting their consumer products towards the "new school". Just look at all the smartwatches they have - this is even more confusing than the old Nuvi lineup.
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited April 2019
    Not sure if this is representative of many or just unique circumstance. But seems appropriate to the conversation. Somewhat...

    Several times last year, I had a twenty something person in the car with me while I was using my drivesmart. Without me even talking about it, a light bulb seemed to go off and they realized that having a separate device freed up their phone for other things and wouldn't be using up their data.

    When they brought up a conversation about it, I didn't tell them that if they looked at their phone app, they could probably get it to download maps via wifi if they looked into their settings.

    At least one of them is now using a garmin. However I think young people get too tied to using their phone for everything. But then again, here I am on my desktop PC. Never cared too much for those new-fangled notebooks. Though I do use a macbook, mostly to play spider solitaire while I watch TV at night.

  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited April 2019
    Well... if Garmin offered a real smartphone app, with permanently installed maps, then there woud be no difference between it and a DriveSmart. You know... like the StreetPilot Onboard app that they first crippled and later completely killed just to make sure that it wouldn't take away a single sale from the dedicated units.

    Seriously.... it's ridiculous to have your DriveSmart that connects to your phone for Traffic, parking, weather, etc. Then when a phone call comes in, it also connects for that. WHY DO WE NEED THE DRIVESMART AT ALL? :O)

    And take the case of my daughter and son in law, in their mid 30's. I gave them a Nuvi a number of years ago, they used it a few times and then said it broke. They live in NYC and don't own a car, just rent as needed or use company car when available. They use Waze and never even look at the phone screen. Have to admit, I'm often impressed with how quickly they make the ~150 mile trip to my place, and via crazy routes I would never think to try myself.
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