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Cannot find search results..........

I seen other topics where this was mentioned by others and have had this several times myself. It seems that sometimes when searching near a destination and seeing the name of the place you are searching for come up in the line just above the keyboard. Selecting that match will result in a message screen saying "Cannot find search results for "xxxxxxxx" ".

In my most recent dealings with this, I was traveling with my Drivesmart 61 LMT-s. I was driving already and using voice command had set the trip destination to Houston TX. I was just outside Jackson MS. A few miles down the road, when out of the traffic, I decided to set my actual destination in Houston. Using voice command, which for me works slightly more often than not, I told it "find place" then "near destination" then "Kirk Mortuary". I was then presented list of places that it thought were possible matches. None where, and I wish I'd looked closer at them because I don't even think they were near Houston, TX.

I then went to the "Where to?" and changed the "searching near" to "Houston, TX" by selecting My Destination in the option list. Then after typing "kirk" in the search box a match, "Kirk Mortuary Services of Houston" is shown in the matched places over the keyboard.
Selecting that entry results in several seconds of churning on the device, then the following message screen:
Heck, you'd think if it shows a match result it would have the data for it. Well further investigation at home has shown me it does have the data, but apparently there is a bug that has differing results depending on how you change the "searching near".

When done with the "My Destination" as I did in the above example, it cannot find the search entry. However if I choose the "A Different City" option and manually enter Houston, select Houston, TX from the list, then enter "kirk" in the search box and select "Kirk Mortuary Services of Houston" from the match list above the keyboard, then....... eureeka.........
So it appears that the software isn't doing the search for places at your destination the same as it does for when searching a different city even when that city is the same one.

Now that I've found a way to make it work manually, it seems that with the limited options of the voice command feature there is no way to get around instances where it won't find a place that is in it's database.


  • privet01 221 Points
    Apparently doesn't like shared links from google photos.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    The image src you used doesn't point to an image, it points to a webpage that is redirecting you to another webpage.
  • privet01 221 Points
    Yea, that's part of googles security features to protect us from ourselves. They provide a bogus link that lets them conceal the actual location so more internet savvy users can't find what other things you have stored at that location. Other websites do the same. Some bulletin boards can handle it and others can't.

    I think the post still works without the pic's. So no loss.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    edited April 17
    What you need to do is just post links to the photos, that should work. If you want to post inline images, the link must lead to a real image (like a .jpg or .png file).

    Google.... ugh. I just launched a new mapping website to beta testers that does not use Google's map API - all open source software based on the Leaflet platform. Couldn't be happier. :)
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