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Weird behaviour when start nav on the route


Zumo 390, off route recalculation is OFF.

I make routes in basecamp on the same map version as is on the GPS (NTU). I'm very careful in placing the waypoints precisely so they are on the roads on the map.
When I start navigation on one of those routes i'm asked about selecting next destination, and it has chosen one for me already. I normally just press start here. Quite often it then generates a route "off track" not at all matching what I have drawn in basecamp, and again, I am already driving on the route!
Then I have a Zumo 220 that just works in those situations (same route from basecamp, but used the NT map for this GPS). If I'm already on the route it just starts navigating, If I'm outside the route it asks if I want to navigate to the start of the route.

Anyone that can explain the 390 weird behaviour or any way to circumvent this?

br Lars


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