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Dedicated route

Is there any way to create and save a specific route on a Drivesmart 61?
There is a destination that I travel to everyday, which is saved as a favourite. If I choose that as a destination, the GPS calculates the fastest or shortest route, which includes roads I do not want to take for that daily trip, but I don’t want to exclude those roads from other trips.
Sometimes I’m able to have it calculate an alternative route and it chooses the roads I want to use, but I don’t see a way to save that specific route.


  • privet01 221 Points
    I think that you have to open up the Trip Planner app on the device and plan your route with it, then save it in trip planner.

    I opened up Trip Planner once, but it wasn't my cup-a-tea.
  • sussamb 813 Points
    Certainly creating the route in trip planner will do it :)
  • alanb 541 Points
    Yes, create a route with Trip Planner, inserting a few via points to keep you on the roads you want. Once you have the desired route saved in Trip Planner, edit it and change the via points to shaping points. That will preserve the route, but not "announce" each via point and will not complain if you go off route and miss one of the via points.
  • MustangGT 12 Points
    Thank you all. This looks like what I want. I will try the Trip tomorrow.
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