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How streets and roads are identified

Nuvi 2797

Insists on announcing streets and roads with a descriptive name instead of the route number. For example "Lincoln Highway" instead of "route 30" or "William Penn Highway" instead of "route 22".

Lincoln Highway is not a problem, but most of the other names are lost in antiquity from before there was a highway numbering system.

Is there any way to change this behavior on my Nuvi 2797?


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited May 2019
    Afraid not. Not sure how Garmin are dealing with this in the US but after complaints in the UK I'm seeing many more street/route numbers than previously.
  • Boyd 1998 Points
    This has been a common complaint (and a pet peeve of mine), but Garmin doesn't seem interested in changing. I hope they will follow the UK lead. Garmin gets their map data from "HERE" (formerly known as "Navteq"), and if you go to their site you'll see the route numbers are part of their dataset. But Garmin just doesn't include them on their own map.

  • privet01 227 Points
    But Garmin just doesn't include them on their own map.
    Well that's not entirely true. Quite often in the written turn queue my 61 lmt-s will correctly have the highway number, whether interstate, federal highway, state highway or county road, but for some odd reason it verbally blurts out a name for the road that is known only by some really old locals and not published anywhere on street signage.
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