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Garmin forum

Garmin have relaunched their forum in the last few days after many complaints about the old one

Think they need to do a bit of work on it, at the moment there's no way to view latest posts, your posts, unread posts etc so a pain to navigate around!


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Haven't been there in a long time, but don't see how the new forum is any improvement. Looks like some people were having problems replying/logging into the old one?

    The site sure shows what Garmin is truly interested in. Automotive and handheld devices don't make the cut. But that's no surprise. 8-|
  • alanb 557 Points
    I seldom log in there any more. They removed most of the forum categories I was interested in, and after they "upgraded" the forum software it was just too annoying to use. Could they possibly make it even worse with this new version?
  • sussamb 956 Points
    Oh yes!
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Looks live everybody loves the new forum, LOL. :))

    This "new" forum is one of the worst I have ever viewed. Put it back the way it was...

    Martinr2 4 hours ago in reply to Dennis_K_
    totally agree, this is crap"

  • privet01 231 Points
    Not many people like change. However, I took @Boyd 's link and found that I could easily find all the stuff that I'd expect to find there. Albeit not the Tactix forums, though I don't know for certain they were ever there.

    However since they killed off the Edge 500 sub-forum quite some years ago, I haven't had many reasons to visit there. Not certain why Garmin feels that users of discontinued products should have no place to voice problems or help other users of that same product.
  • Havent been here in a while just wondering is it really important to update every time a new map comes out or is once a year enough? They really dont build new roads every 3 months
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    There is no need to ever update at all, unless you want to.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    kingdlw said:

    They really dont build new roads every 3 months

    Maybe not, but traffic rules do change with some frequency and if you are driving in an unfamiliar area those updates can be very handy, if not a major safety issue. Turn restrictions, lane restrictions, speed limits, etc can all change.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    That is all true. However, the fact that @kingdlw had to ask whether updates are needed suggests that they are not experiencing any significant problems. I suppose it comes down to where you drive. For me, I am - no exaggeration - only driving 1/10 of the miles that I drove before the pandemic began and am going months between filling my gas tank. Updating maps would make no difference to me, I have literally never been more than 20 miles from my home in the past six months and don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • Wasn't there something said that if you didn't update your device at least every two years that you might lose your free lifetime update?

    I've never looked to see if that was factual, but seems like someone put that out in a post a while back.

    But as for needing to update your maps regardless of having to pay or not, I see that the same as the 20 year old Rand McNally paper atlas I sometimes look at to get a quick idea of where things are.

    As well, some of us know where to go intuitively, others are lucky to find their mailbox from their front door. So a person needs to assess which of those they most match.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    privet01 said:

    Wasn't there something said that if you didn't update your device at least every two years that you might lose your free lifetime update?

    Yes, we discussed this awhile ago, evidently it was a change in Garmin's policy. However, I updated maps on an old unit after three or four years with no problem back then. Have not tried again recently, but I suspect that Garmin might just be keeping their options open, in case they want to clamp down on this in the future.
  • gpz1100 184 Points
    My strategy is to update once a year. Usually when the spring update rolls out. Release date is not set in stone as indicated in this thread - . So sometime in the first half of the year or before a long road trip.

    Over the last year we've had some changes. Several traffic circle intersections have been converted from 4 way stops.

    The above harmony/23 is also a traffic circle (and shown correctly on the 2021.20 maps), but google maps appears a bit outdated. Odd. The main purpose of a gps is to assist you in unfamiliar areas, so it makes sense to try to have the most recent maps.

  • There are constant changes to the mapping data with new/changed roads, new/changed speed limits the street numbers and businesses are constantly being updated and will never reach 100% accuracy.

    There are thousands of people providing updated information, I alone have made 61,343 edits in 4 years and I am only the 285 most active in the world, so yes there are some changes, although many will never be noticed until you find the one that you wished your GPS knew about or had it right, like a missing/incorrect street or an address that is not included. It is a never ending challenge and I advise people if you plan to use a street directory why not have the most up-to-date one especially if it's free.

    Motor manufacturers saw it as so important they thought they could cover the updating costs by selling updates, but the market won't pay. Google takes the approach that theirs is only available on line so you only get their latest information and we see how often that is out of date, not to mention, you must be in mobile phone range.
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