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Garmin introduces the eTrex 22x, 32x and 64x series

Strange ones, they look like minor upgrades from the previous models.

They seem to be channeling the popular GPSMap60csx with the name of the new GPSMap64csx

So where are the new touchscreen models? ;)


  • truckinguy 122 Points
    edited June 2019
    Who want's touch screens? my wife just canned her Oregon 700 for a 66st. PIA working with a small touch screen on the trail in weather and especially with gloves on. Want a touch screen buy a Oregon or Montana.
    The 66st is the cat's meow. So fast and tracked perfectly from a pocket over 9 miles of woods and ravines. Love the new menu's in it with the option of adding trip computer pages,the banner along the bottom of screen user friendly on and on.
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