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Planning Route on Desktop - Upload to Garmin 51

Have an upcoming road trip to Key West from Nashville and want to plan the route on my desktop, then upload the route to my Garmin. I can't find any software that lets you do that??

Reason I want to plan on the desktop, we like to take back roads - not interstates. If I plug in "avoidances - highways, then it can take you on some terrible almost jeep trails. I have resorted to looking for small towns along the route, and keep entering new destinations, but that is a major pain.

It would be great if a GPS had a selection for certain highways, like Hwy 41 to Key West or something like that.

Thanks for any help.


  • t923347 533 Points
    You could always use Garmin's Basemap software but the one I use most frequently is Furkot which I find much easier to use. Both the software based Basecamp and the website based Furkot will allow you to create a route and upload it to a Garmin GPS.

    Basecamp can be downloaded from and Furkot can be activated from
  • teejay 91 Points
    edited July 2019
    Try this but have a backup plan. Garmin failed on me last weekend, not the instructions.

    I had trips planned on Google Maps so when Garmin failed, we just followed the route planned on Google Maps. Lucky us that we had maps downloaded offline as we were in no cell service zone. Just soured the enjoyment a bit as we had to keep an eye on the map all the time.
  • teejay 91 Points
    t923347 said:

    Does it allow a multi-stop multi-day trip? I found it a day before our trip and didn't have much time to play around.

  • t923347 533 Points
    Yes to both multi stop and multi day trips. :)
  • Just be aware that Google maps and Here maps used in Garmin devices are not the same and some road details may differ, giving different routes when transferred.
    The Garmin works out the route based a combination of the waypoints supplied, the road map installed on it and the parameters set, like fast/shortest/less fuel/offroad(the way the crow flies). Change the map and you may change the route. I have made many changes in roads to Here mapping, just from my travels and many differ in Google maps.
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