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Garmin Drive 51 Not Connecting to PC Properly

When I connected my Garmin 51 to my PC it used to have a yellow icon on the Garmin screen, then it would appear as a "Garmin 51" drive on my Desktop PC. (OS: Windows 10 Home Edition)

For some reason when I now connect it the icon on the Garmin screen it not yellow but just white/grey.
Garmin Express pops up on my Desktop screen, but that is all.
How can I get my unit to be recognized and shown on my Desktop PC?
Thank you.


  • t923347 533 Points
    edited July 2019
    The change in color would suggest that you changed the 51 from MTP storage mode (yellow icon) to Mass Storage mode (white icon). We often make this change so that the hidden .system folder on the GPS (the folder that holds the map files plus other important files) is visible in Windows Explorer.

    In mass storage mode you should however see the GPS device as a "removable drive" which Windows has given a drive letter. Depending on your computer configuration this drive could be anything from Drive D and up.
  • Tegiro 80 Points
    For some reason my Garmin 51 seems to work the opposite as to what you state.
    When MTP Auto Detect is selected the Garmin 51 Icon is yellow and it is displayed on my PC as a "Garmin 51" drive.
    When Mass Storage is selected the Garmin 51 icon is white/grey and no display appears on my PC as a driver.
    So, I have set it at MTP Auto Detect and it works fine now.
    Thank you.
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