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Is it OK to stop and restart the update process?

I updated the maps on my wife's GPS this morning, and it took a little less than an hour.
I started to update my Zumo this afternoon, but for some reason my download speeds have slowed to a crawl. Right now it's at 1.5KB/s. :-w Weird, but it is what it is. Maybe the heavy storms that just passed through. Dunno.

In any case, rather than babysitting the download form the next 22 hours, I'd just rather cancel it and try again later.

Would this cause any problems?


  • sussamb 947 Points
    I've had to do it in the past without issue but that's no guarantee it'll work for you ;)
  • t923347 533 Points
    I had it happen to me with this latest update with no issues.

    I had updated 2 units and this was the 3rd one. It slowed down in the "preparing maps" phase so I assumed since nothing had yet been written to the GPS that no harm could have been done.

  • privet01 231 Points
    I've simply unplugged the usb, then restarted both computer and device and let them go at it again with no ill effects. I did cross my fingers each time.

    I've also found I have less issues if I make certain to update with a computer that has a wired internet connection.
  • menhir 115 Points
    Well, everything turned out OK after least as far as getting the Zumo updated.

    I did a speed check later in the afternoon and saw that things were returning to normal, so I plugged in the device and got 'er done.

    There was one problem, and it's happened the last several times I performed and update with Express. It's not related to internet speed:

    I usually select the option to download that maps to my device and computer.
    Invariably, I get a contradictory message when the download completes: One that says my device is up to date, and also a red error message stating that there was a problem. (I forget the exact wording.)
    The result is the download to the device completes properly (I always check) but the download to the computer doesn't take.
    If I reconnect the device again and select download to the computer only, then it'll work.

    Not sure why.
  • menhir 115 Points
    An additional question...I'm in pondering mode.

    There's really not much point in installing map updates to the computer for BaseCamp since 1) I don't use it anymore and 2) I can access the maps with Basecamp by plugging in my device.

    But...Can Mapsource, which I actually do use from time to time, do the same thing...access the maps from my Zumo, or only from a map I have installed on my computer?
  • sussamb 947 Points
    MapSource isn't able to access maps on your device, only BaseCamp can do that
  • menhir 115 Points
    That's what I needed to know.
    Thanks. :-)
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