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Reporting missing roads, how to report it to Garmin

I am curious if there is any way to report a missing road to Garmin.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Sure, best way is to go to the HERE website, as they provide the maps to Garmin
  • t923347 533 Points
    I believe this is the site you need:
  • Kevin_hutch 116 Points
    t923347 said:

    I believe this is the site you need:

    Dead right and it is simple to add/change any road, it will then be reviewed by Here and they will let you know if they accept/reject the change.

    Most roads other than very new ones will appear in the satellite image and can easily be traced. I personally have added over 300 kilometres of roads. I even use a GOPRO now for input to capture the change details and speed signs locations accurately.

    If accepted it usually appears in the next Garmin update.
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