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etrex20x user: need map w/both contours and roads/water/etc. ALSO viewable in Basecamp

I need your help. I've been working for 2 years, but haven't had consistent success. I want to hike and use my Garmin etrex20x to see roads/rivers/lakes/foliage AND contours.

Does anyone have a dependable way to make contours and roads/rivers/lakes appear on my Garmin etrex20x and in Basecamp? I'm hoping someone has a solution that uses maps.

What consistently happens to me is that I'll download my favorite maps from (a layer with roads/water/etc , and another identical layer with topo lines - both layers of the exact same pieces of land). I'll then combine them using GMapTool or OSM Combiner and then install them into Basecamp.

When I open Basecamp, occasionally I'll be able to see the perfect map that i'm hoping for. But when I use Basecamp's Mapinstaller to install it to my device, only the topo layer shows up when I open up my etrex20x device. OR occasionally, the ideal map shows up on my device, but basecamp only shows the contour lines.

I've been deep into GPSfiledepot,,,, and I've used cGPSmapper, GMapTool, OSM Combiner, lots of software.

Also, I do a bunch of hiking overseas, so I need to make my own maps - gpsfiledepot doesn't have pre-made hiking maps like these available. So I'm looking for help.


  • sussamb 956 Points
    I just use maps that are available with those features, which areas in particular are you interested in?
  • Thanks for the reply - I'm mainly hiking in China, Vietnam, and Thailand and across that region, including overnight backpacking trips, and some ultra races for which this would be very useful. So the things I've found online (GPSfiledepot) don't have high enough quality to be useful once I zoom in.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    Apologies but I have no knowledge of maps in those areas, hopefully someone else may do so.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I posted a response to your other thread. Please don't post duplicate threads, it just makes it harder for people to help you.
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