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Garmin Drive 6 LM "factory reset"


I bought a "Garmin Drive 6 LM" a good while ago, but never used it much (even not for months), so figured I should probably update it. I installed the "Garmin Express" application on a windows 7 machine, and connected the thing with USB, however it couldn't "see it". I disconnected it, powered it up again and it seems to be stuck at "loading maps" when I reset it. If try to reset it by touching the screen on the lower right. When I touch both the upper left and lower right corener a calibration screen pops up and sometimes it seems to boot, but is VERY slow and at times it shows every image as a "GIT out of memory" image.

How can I factory reset this GPS? Can it be reset with a "bootable SD card", there must be a way to get "it going" again.




  • sussamb 954 Points
    I suggest the first thing you do is ensure it's fully charged, and some of the symptoms you describe happen when the battery is a tad flat.

    A factory reset is like most Garmins:

    1.Start with the device turned off and unplugged from power •To verify the device is powered off and not in standby mode, press and hold down the power button until prompted to turn off the device
    2.Power on the device
    3.When the first copyright screen appears press and hold the lower right hand corner of the display portion of the touchscreen
    4.Remove your finger from the touchscreen when "Erase all user data?" appears
    5.Touch Yes
    •If text language is not in English, this is the button on the right

    Another option to perform a master reset for these devices:
    1.Touch View Map
    2.Touch the Speed icon
    3.Touch and hold the speedometer for approximately 5 seconds
    4.Release your touch when the Diagnostics Page displays
    5.Touch Clear all user data
    6.Touch Yes when prompted to "Erase all user data?"

    The device will now be reset. Follow the on-screen prompts then place the device in an area with a clear view of the sky until it acquires satellites.

    Although the master reset will erase all saved favorites, any loaded custom points of interest will remain intact on the device.
  • cjvijf 0 Points

    when I do that, in a way the copyright notice appears, it never shows the "erase all data" message. I have tried that dozens of times. Sometimes, by holding both the left top corner and lower right corner, after the calibration screen, it shows the "home page" BUT every image is replaced by a "out of memory image".

    The device never seems to respond, either way. It looks like it is running BUT never responds. Also, the USB port setup never "completes" I can see 'failed' USB connection messages in the computer's log (and yes, computer, port and cable are working fine."

    I have the impression, wild guess, that the GPS' filesystem was corrupted somehow, so I need an actual "factory reset"

  • sussamb 954 Points
    There isn't such a thing, if the master reset isn't working you may need to send it back to Garmin.
  • cjvijf 0 Points
    Hmm, yeah they want $89 for that, basically their app wrecking my GPS.
  • sussamb 954 Points
    Hardly. You said the app couldn't see it so if it didn't it couldn't have had any effect. Something else has happened that either you're unaware of or you're not telling us.
  • cjvijf 0 Points
    I think I said in an email earlier, that I did hook it up, "Garmin Express" did it's thing (and yes it connected) BUT after it was done, and disconnected it, the GPS didn't work anymore and also if I connected it backagain, the Garmin app didn't recognize it anymore.

    So instead of jumping to unfounded conclusions, maybe you should read a bit more careful. To be honest, you seem to have that evasive Garmin customer service attitude, do you work for them or so?

  • sussamb 954 Points
    edited August 2019
    cjvijf said:

    I bought a "Garmin Drive 6 LM" a good while ago, but never used it much (even not for months), so figured I should probably update it. I installed the "Garmin Express" application on a windows 7 machine, and connected the thing with USB, however it couldn't "see it".

    That's what you said above, seems clear enough to me. What part didn't I 'read carefully'?

    If you're now saying it did connect and update the maps etc the symptoms you describe point to you disconnecting the device before the updates had completed, which generally causes a corrupt update file. Only way forward now is for you to search for 'Garmin Cure3' which may help you resolve it.

  • cjvijf 0 Points
    I only saw the "Garmin Cure3" link on a gps forum somewhere, one needs to register to download it, but after registration you still can't download it.

    Where can I download it from?
  • sussamb 954 Points
    Sorry no idea where it's held currently but Google should find it for you.
  • Boyd 2035 Points
    I have never heard of a "Garmin Drive 6 LM" but a Google search found something at called a Garmin Drive 6" LM available from a 3rd party seller. Is that what you have? Looks a little questionable to me. Perhaps some kind of grey market Garmin Drive 60?

    Anyway, instead of being cryptic, the Garmin Cure 3 software thread is here:

    As far as downloading it, I have no idea and am not interested in reading all 9 pages. But if you want to discuss that program, you should probably register at GPSPassion. In quickly scanning through that thread, it appears there can be issues with using it on the newer Garmin Drive models however.
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