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Garmin map64s charging icon is static

I used 2 eneloop pro batteries in addition to a hand made "bridge" to push the charging button and i was not able to charge the batteries. Instead I received "battery" symbol on a display. After turning the device off the charging symbol was static. The batteries were not charged after 12 hours (or one hundred hours to avoid any misunderstanding), so the charging does not work.
Ok, I purchased vhbw Ni-Mh batteries in a pair, so they come with the bridge (to push the button in the device). However, all remained the same. I am not able to charge the batteries, the charging symbol is working for a minute then it disappears and i get "battery" symbol instead of charging symbol. For a device turned off the charging symbol is static, so I guess charging is not going on. Namely, the number of bars does not increase after several hours.
I made a hard reset and nothing changed. Any ideas? Thanks, Samo.


  • privet01 231 Points
    garmin doesn't support charging of non-garmin batteries in your device. They want you to charge them before installing them.
  • samogps 13 Points
    edited August 2019
    before i tried to charge non garmin batteries in my Garmin device I asked in this forum if it is possible. The answer was yes. In addition, how does the device know which batteries are installed into it? battery is battery, isn't this true? 2000 mAh and 1.2 V. How can any battery differ from another one regarding this two features?

    In addition, I purchased my batteries as a substitute for garmin batteries on amazon. they are declared as a substitute ... it is hard to believe that it is not true.
  • samogps 13 Points
    edited August 2019
    it is confirmed by Garmin local service that something is wrong inside the device. This is my 4th (fourth) of four Garmins in a row that does not work like it should. Thank you, Garmin !
  • sussamb 956 Points
    Do you get them from the same place? I've had way more than 4 and only once had a problem :)
  • samogps 13 Points
    first one was a gift from my wife (ca. 700 eur) from a local hypermarket; Problems with charging the battery from the first day on. Ok, bad luck I said and I received replacement which was even worse ... more problems ... one of them was turning the device on ... I returned it and got money back.
    Then I purchased much cheaper device on amazon and after one day it was practically irresponsible. So this was third one. The fourth one is my current map64s. After more than a year i decided to try it with rechargeable batteries and i found out it does not work.
  • samogps 13 Points sent me a replacement unit. I hope it will work completely so I will keep it and return old unit back. Fantastic reaction from amazon !!!!!! Thanks.
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