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nuvi 55/56 question

I have a nuvi56 and recently lost what's up ahead features and the road name on the unit. Anyone know why this happened and how do I get these back? TUVM. FT


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I would do a hard reset, that often fixes odd problems like this:

    The reset will change all the menus to their default settings, clear your search history and erase any favorites you have saved however. So be sure to save a copy of your favorites before doing the reset. See this thread for how to save and restore favorites:

    As for "why", this sounds like a problem with the device's NVRAM, which is rather mysterious. Sometimes it gets corrupted following a map/firmware update. The hard reset will clear NVRAM and usually fixes the problem.
  • Boyd, thank you very much as your fix worked. I lost my features after updating maps. That stinks that this happened following Garmin's update instructions. Phone call tomorrow....if that will meaning anything. Thxs again. FT
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