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Map update cleanup

After updating to CN NA NT 2020.2, the previous map still resides on my device (actually, on an sd-card ). I'm surprised that GE doesn't trash it in the process of installing a newer map. "Obviously", I can trash it?
What about the other files there? Which can be trashed?



  • sussamb 947 Points
    Express will only update map files it installed as it has no way to know whether you want to keep other files. If you're sure the highlighted file is the map file you can delete the associated gma and unl files.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I am sorry to have posted the screenshot with a/any file highlighted. I am not referring to that file.
    Surely, I can remove the old NA map? In addition, I'm asking about all other files shown in the screenshot.
    What can I trash?
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I am asking about the first 3 files shown, and the bottom 5.
  • Boyd 2033 Points
    edited August 2019
    .gma and .unl files are used for copy protection. Since I rarely update maps, I'm not familiar with those cryptic names. In a simpler use case, you'd see (for example) a map named gmapprom.img and a gmapprom.unl and gmapprom.gma file associated with it. In your example, I don't know how you would determine which .unl and .gma files are associated with which maps. Perhaps the file modification dates would provide a clue?

    As a practical matter, you could just leave them alone. They are tiny little files that won't have any adverse effect if you leave them alone. This is why Garmin hides the .System folder - so that people don't have the urge to mess with this kind of stuff. :D
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