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GPS BRICKED since Map Update

Hello I'm new here, I see, reading all the post on this section of the forum that Magellan is not verry appreciated..
I also noticed that there is not too many member posting :(
I will explain my problem anyway ...
Like the title said since a map update , my RoadMate 9365T died, ou shall i say is diing
When I open now I see the magellan title and the turning wheel that freeze after 2 turn...

I managed to communicate with support, they asked me to connect it to the computer acces dht GPS and delete a folder and to restart
Here is a copy of the instructions :
`m sorry to hear that the map on your Magellan RoadMate 9612T-LM lost during map update. No worries, I`ll be happy to assist you further.
We recommend the steps below:
1. Connect the unit to your computer.
2. Open Windows Explorer.
3. Open the Magellan drive.
4. Back up the “Map Folder” to your local drive.
5. Go back to Magellan drive.
6. Delete the “Map Folder”.
7. Right click the “Magellan” drive, from the property > Tools > perform Error-Checking.
8. Log back in to SmartGPS Eco website to install the available update.
Please note: Some devices might restart several times. Just leave the device connected to your computer to complete the installation of the update.

WELL since that date I can not access the GPS drive ANYMORE
When I plug it in the computer it detect the GPS but NO extra drive appear anywhere

Any of the members here has any idea of how to try to revive it ?
I have seen an old post about this but there is no zip software link to try :'(

Thanks to anyone that will point me in the right direction....

Oh and about Magellan support after that they mentionned that the garantee is over and that they can not help me anymore ...
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