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Version 6.20 for Drivesmart 61 is out - reboot problem fixed?

Garmin released version 6.20 for the Drivesmart 61 on 30 August 2019.
Hopefully it fixes the reboot problem I have.

- Improved the reliability of phone calls made using the Smartphone Link app.
- Fixed an issue that caused the device to shut down with certain third-party maps.

I assume that the Parkopedia and Foresquare maps are the third-party maps they are referring to?


  • Boyd 2035 Points
    Since they are pre-loaded on the device, I would not make that assumption. I'd think this means maps that a user installs themselves from another source, such as OpenStreetMap, GPSFileDepot, etc.
  • Boyd, you are correct. It seems Parkopedia and Foresquare are not the 3rd party maps Garmin is referring to. I used my Drivesmart 61 for a few days this weekend without having it reboot on me, but today it rebooted. My reboot problem is still there.
  • Driveassist 51 also got an update with the same changelog.
  • My drivesmart 61 rebooted a bunch of times on my xcountry trip this past 5 weeks. Maybe this new issue will fix that. I do not have third party maps.
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