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CN EU 2020.20 NTU

Appears available only two months since 2020.10

Note to self, don't post off the recent threads list -make sure you are in the correct board.

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  • 2020.20 will not fit on my older 3790 without an SD card
  • sussamb 953 Points
    Note it's 3 months since 2020.10 was released :)
  • Boyd 2035 Points
    Chris_Sav said:

    2020.20 will not fit on my older 3790 without an SD card

    The 3790 will have its 10th birthday next April, I got mine shortly after it was released and gave it away about 5 years ago. I loved that thing - arguably, it was the most innovative automotive device Garmin ever introduced. But I certainly wouldn't find it acceptable today, the multi-touch features never worked right for me and the processor is a snail compared to current technology.

    But for those who still find all of this adequate, hats off to Garmin for still supporting it at all. See how much luck you have getting Dell or Apple to support your 10 year old computer. :D

    Having said that, I'll put my hat back on and note that for the first 5 or 6 years, Apple and Dell *would* support your old computer and you could take advantage of new features in the current operating systems. That just never happens with Garmin. The only system software updates are bug fixes.
  • My 3790 has been brilliant considering it fell off my bike at 60mph soon after I got it and survived. I've kept it up to date but it no longer likes SD cards. Guess it's load a region or humane ending. Best Garmin device (in its day) I have had.
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