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Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera Stopped Working

Purchased a new Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera to go with my Garmin DriveSmart 61North America LMT-S and had it installed by Geek Squad at our local Best Buy on 6/23/19. Ran to the Home Depot yesterday morning and it worked beautifully as it has done since installation but when I drove the vehicle around noon that day it malfunctioned showing only a black screen with color guidance lines. I unpaired and repaired it about 6 times and still nothing but the black screen with color guidance lines. Did a factory rest on the GPS and unpaired and repaired and still get same black screen with color guidance lines. Any thoughts and/or help would be appreciated.


  • Correction: Did a factory "reset" not a factory "rest".
  • Boyd 2035 Points
    edited September 2019
    Why not just take it back to Best Buy? Isn't that the whole point of using their "geek squad" service? Have bought a lot of technology from Best Buy and always had good experiences when I needed to return/exchange something. That was one reason I chose them instead of a mail order. Never used their Geek Squad service though.

    Don't know what their policy is anymore, but since this is exactly three months after purchase, you might be right at the limit of their warranty. That's another good reason to bring it in right away.
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