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How to clear Travel History from nuvi57 Internal Memory?

Using Basecamp I find some old travel history is reported as being on the Internal memory of the 57. I have tried to clear travel history. Settings>Device>Clear Travel History but BaseCamp still shows a trip and POI as being on the Internal Storage. Suggestions?


  • Boyd 2035 Points
    edited September 2019
    Access the device directly using Windows Explorer or the Finder on the Mac. You should find a folder named GPX. If you're sure you don't want any history, just delete all the files with .gpx extensions. There will probably be a sub-folder with archived .gpx files, and these may be what you're seeing in Basecamp. I think the only way to remove these is to manually delete the files.

    If you're concerned, you can make a backup of the folder on your computer. But there should not be any harm in deleting all the .gpx files. Typically, there's a file named Current.gpx. This is where your current history, routes and favorites are stored. But it's only a copy of internal data, and it is re-generated every time the Nuvi starts up, so there's no harm in deleting it.

    There will probably also be a file containing your position when the device shut down. This is used for the "find my car" feature on some models. Again, it is re-created automatically. The archived files are not needed either, and new ones will be created later when your travel history is filled up.
  • Thanks Boyd. Deleted the files using Win Explorer. Memory was cleared after disconnecting and reconnecting the GPS.
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