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Proximity Alarm on ETrex30X

I have just replaced my ETrex10 with ETrex30X, and am trying to understand the new functions.

I use it to lead two group weekly walks and am not sure whether to follow routes or tracks. I am always following tracks I have walked previously, so I guess tracks would be best. I use the waymarks to confirm where I am.

Both groups are very friendly and I am usually talking more than concentrating on where I am at present. So it would be quite useful to use the proximity alarm to warn me when I approach a waymark. I have tried to set it myself, but nothing happened when I passed a waymark. I also tried to find instructions online, but could find nothing.

Can anyone confirm whether it is possible to have the alarm work at all waymarks. Or do I have to set it for each waymark on each walk?

Could you also direct me to simple step by step instructions

Any help would be much appreciated


  • sussamb 956 Points
    edited October 2019
    You can use either tracks or routes, I prefer routes as the off course alarm won't work with tracks. The off course alarm is in Set Up, Marine ...

    If you want specific proximity alarms for all points on the route then you can do so in Set Up, Tones, Proximity Alarms.

    If you want alarms for waypoints not in a route then you need to do that separately.
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