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Rino 650T

When hunting no one wants tones. Unfortunately selecting no tones results in mute. It does this when powered on, and I understand this. We then select our volume level but it gets changed without our input. The problem then is with the screen lock function. Locking the screen does nothing to the power button functions of Brightness-Volume-Squelch. You simply bump the unit and these things change, and with the auto settings for each function(100-50-0,12-6-mute,?-?-?) it scrolls with each bump in your pocket and you are back on Mute. This is a safety issue. You wonder why your hunting partner isn’t answering. They also wonder why you are not answering them. I would like to say Garmin inventing this gps/radio combination was a great idea. Perfect for hunting in unfamiliar vast areas like Montana or Colorado, gives you confidence to explore. The best feature is being able to see your hunting partners on the map and then being able to go directly to them using the gps Go To them feature. The problem is this unwanted muting.
2. Other issue is that you should have the option to message just one person and not the entire group.should be like texting on a cellular telephone. A message to everyone might not fit the situation, ex.- meet me at the intersection of stream and path.
3. Also the polling function should also be silent. I hope Garmin can create an update to fix these issues. Thanks,


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited November 2019
    Gary, the Rino is not a device that has been discussed around here in the past, so unfortunately I doubt you'll get much of a response. And also realize that this is just a user-to-user forum that has no affiliation with Garmin, so it's not the right place to request changes in the device software.

    I think you'd be better served by contacting Garmin tech support for this kind of thing ( although I wouldn't expect much help there either.... but I'm a cynic >:) )
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