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Garmin Drive 52 & Traffic pre purchase ?

Before I purchase this unit I have 3 questions.
I tried to find answers but they sometimes include other Garmin units.
Plus even the Garmin site is not very clear.
Thanks in advance.

1- Does it include lifetime traffic and map updates?
2- Does the Smartphone Link app work with this unit? If not, which app?
3- Does it have an internal antenna for traffic or does it with a Traffic Receiver/Power cord?

Again thanks.


  • Boyd 2033 Points
    edited December 2019
    I agree their site is confusing. There appear to be versions of this device both with and without traffic. You can select the option you want here

    AFAIK, all Garmin automotive devices include lifetime map updates. But it's odd that this device doesn't have the letters after the number that make this clear (such as LMT-S, which means lifetime maps and smartphone traffic for example).

    Doesn't appear to be compatible with any smartphone apps. Here are Garmin's two apps, the supported devices are listed

    The Drive series is the bottom of the line for Garmin. There were a bunch of sales last week on the better DriveSmart and DriveLuxe models. Shop around, some deals are still available.
  • @Boyd
    Thanks for the info.
    I am doing more research on which way to go.
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