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Garmin Drive app

I've updated from a Nuvi 2795 with Smartphonelink app to a Drivesmart 65 with the Garmin Drive app.

Garmin Drive will push addresses from my phone contacts list (Samsung phone) to the DS65 - that is cool.
But the Garmin Drive app lacks the ability to send addresses from Google maps to the device.
Is there another mapping app that the Garmin Drive app will send addresses to the device from?


  • I have just realised the Garmin Drive app actually can push addresses locations to the DS65.
    The app has a Where To? button which opens a search box to type in an address or even a name of a POI. Once the destination is selected a Google map of the place is displayed to verify the search. From there press the blue GO! button in the app and the destination will push to the DS65.

    That answers my question - woo hoo.
    Hope this helps someone else.
  • alanb 557 Points
    I am sure that info will be helpful to others using the Drive app. Thanks for posting.
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