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Voice directions

My Garmin 2689 has the latest maps and firmware updates, according to Garmin Express.
The Garmin voice give the following - initial directions to follow route, recalculating and traffic information, but not turn directions, eg. turn left. The visual directions are fine.
All English and US voices tried.
Factory reset carried out.
As the voice audio files seem to be working, is the problem with the latest map file? Should I delete this and download a new file; if so what is the best method?
Any help from members would be much appreciated, as I would rather not ship the unit to Garmin


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Which map are you talking about? Is it the only map on your device, you can check by going to Settings, Map & Vehicle, my Maps. If it isn't and you have two or more conflicting maps selected that will cause the issue you describe.
  • gerano 81 Points
    Thank you. I have deleted 2 OSM maps and now the directions are back.
    Just the right advice
  • sussamb 947 Points
    Note you needn't have deleted them, just deselecting them in myMaps is enough.
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