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Garmin CES 2020

Boyd 2043 Points
edited January 2020 in GPS Discussions
Nothing to see here (again)... not that I'm surprised. The only automotive device is an invasive dash-cam that records everything INSIDE as well as outside your vehicle... even in the dark. I guess that might be useful for an Uber driver, but it's the last thing in the world I'd want in my car. ;)

Only other things are a built-in system for the Ford Mustang and glass cockpit for executive jets. Maybe more is coming, seems like they usually have new sports/fitness products like watches at CES. Looks like no new handheld devices though. :(


  • alanb 557 Points
    (:| I appreciate Garmin's products that I have, but their new stuff is just a big YAWN. I wish they would get back into the iPhone/android app market, but I may as well spit into the wind as make that wish.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Alan, IIRC, your newest Garmin device is a Nuvi 3597 (from 2013). I think their current generation automotive devices are much better, both in processing speed and (especially) screen quality. Their 7" 1024x600 screens are very nice. Was quite happy with my DriveSmart 61, but I just love my DriveTrack 71 since I can finally combine my own raster imagery (aerials) with my own road and POI overlays.

    And their newer handhelds also look fine, but are only a relatively small incremental upgrade from my (broken) Montana 600. If they introduce a new Montana with a glass screen and other advanced features, I will be interested. It's too bad they screwed up the Monterra so bad. That was a good idea (Android based device) and might have matured into a nice product line. But all the bugs and the outrageous price killed it.

    But I agree, "real" Garmin apps for the car and trail would be great. The old StreetPilot app was actually quite nice until they killed it. Still have it on my phone. They purposely crippled it so as not to compete to closely with their own hardware. In the end, that wasn't even enough. They had to completely kill it.

    The Monterra got its functions from an Android app called "Garmin Outdoors" (or something like that). So they actually had a full-featured handheld app. Obviously they have no intention of releasing that on its own.

    Oh well, CES is over today, and all there's nothing else new from Garmin.
  • alanb 557 Points
    My newest device is a DriveLuxe 51. It is a fine unit, but overall I still prefer the 3597. I have the DriveLuxe in my car and the 3597 in my pickup. The truck is kind of noisy, so the speaker built into the mount of the 3497 gives more volume and clarity. The Smartphone Link app works good on both of them.
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