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Magellan Triton RMP Maker


I am writing this post to ask you for help in obtaining the program as in the title. Triton RMP Maker.
The download link on every website/forum I visited is down. I have failed to find it anywhere else.
If by chance anyone has it or has some info where to get it I would greatly appreciate it. I am in serious need of this program.



  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited January 2020
    Looks like there are many versions of this from throughout the years in the Wayback Machine at This is my go-to site for any old software or websites - they have just about everything! :) These were archived in 2016, for example.

    Not sure exactly what you're trying to accomplish, but Mobile Atlas Creator (a free open source program) offers a very powerful yet simple way to create maps for Vantage Point and the Triton from many sources. This is covered in my Mobile Atlas Creator Tutorial here:

  • Thank you very much for your response, the tutorial seems very promising.

    I have tons of government-issued topographic maps in Geo TIFF format and I have to employ them in Magellan Triton devices really fast. I got Triton RMP Helper 2.0 so I can make the TIFF files prepared for Vantage Point conversion. However, to do so (at least I thought) I need Triton RMP MAKER that is nowhere to be found. The links you provided for it do not work either. When I get to downloading, the url is invalid.

    I, of course, will study your tutorial but can the same thing I mentioned above be achieved using the program you provided in your tutorial? Or should I still pursue the Triton RMP Maker?

  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Mobile Atlas Creator is primarily intended for working with online tiled maps. There are ways to get other imagery into it, but that gets complicated. But what kind of topo maps are you using? If they are old USGS 7.5 minute (24k) topo quads, then these can easily be accessed online and this will be much simpler than using TritonRMP.

    Have a look at Appendix A on the last page of my Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial for info on how to access these maps. And sections 8.3.1 and 8.3.2 provide an overview of making maps for Vantagepoint and Tritons.

    If you aren't in the US, there are other resources built into Mobile Atlas Creator for topo maps, such as OpenStreetMap and Canada Toporama.
  • Ok then... So I will try my best with the Atlas Creator. If I find a way to do that I will no longer be in need of the Triton RMP Maker. However, I am more familiar with the latter so I reeeally would like to get it lol :D
  • SurvivorStore 6 Points
    edited January 2020
    When I try to export some test map from open source, this error pops out. Have you seen this before? Have you any idea what's the problem? Also is there any way to use maps from my computer instead of these from open sources? When I drag them onto a program they won't add. (Yes I know I am a noob)

  • Boyd 2044 Points
    You cannot drag files to Mobile Atlas Creator. It is primarily used to access tiled map data on the internet. It can also access locally stored map tiles on your computer, and this is how I distribute the maps I make myself. But creating those files is very complex, and more than I can address here. No, I have never seen that error but I have only used the program on MacOS and Windows 7.

    If you really need Triton RMP, a user named "Manumuskin" at has a Triton and has used TritonRMP extensively, so you might try starting a thread on this topic in the Boyds Maps forum and ask if he could help.
  • Thank you very much. I am proceeding to start a thread there as per your advice and to ask Manumuskin for help in this matter. Another great help. I really appreciate your assistance.

  • Yes! I got it. Manumuskin had it and provided it to me. It is what I was looking for. Again, thank you very much for the information!
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Great, glad I could help. :)
  • Would someone help me with the same thing?
    I used this for years with a triton i use to play airsoft, now my custom maps are all gone and i can't find the software either…

    Thank you in advance, JF , Portugal
  • Hello,
    Just send me an email and I will send you the program.

    Maybe some modmin would add it ti downloads section somewhere if there is any,
    This program is impossible to find online but can be helpful to many many people.

    You can also contact me directly through my website:

    Best regards,
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