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Garmin RV 770 LMT-S Upgraded for my RV

Hi All,
Been here for many years and my 1st Garmin was a Nuvi 2595 LMT which is still running great and I use it in many different vehicles but back in 2012 I upgraded my RV from a trailer to a motorhome.
I used my 2595 and it served me well with out any route or map/firmware upgrade opppes.

But I really wanted to upgrade to a larger touch screen, better color and a faster processor.
So I have been watch the RV series for many years and today I found a good deal for the RV 770 for $229 with free shipping and a$20 discount code from the GPS store online.

I think I made the right decision and I know its just a 2595 with a bigger screen and faster processor.
OK it does have a few more things like Bluetooth, WiFi, weather and traffic using my smartphone.
I know it has more I guess I'm still trying to convince myself I needed it and bought it at the right time and price. LOL

Couldn't find any thread about the RV 770 so I guess maybe this will start some conversations.

Thanks for listening.

Here is a link to it.


  • alanb 557 Points
    All those improvements you mentioned will help make your navigating experience more enjoyable. If you use the traffic reporting feature, the Smartphone Link app is a big improvement.
  • iggy 197 Points
    alanb said:

    All those improvements you mentioned will help make your navigating experience more enjoyable. If you use the traffic reporting feature, the Smartphone Link app is a big improvement.

    Thanks Alan,
    I guess I have a few more things to learn.
    I do know the basic setup from my previous Garmin but this has a lot more refinement.
    I will try the smartphone app. Now that's for weather and traffic?
    Or does the traffic still over the air?

  • alanb 557 Points
    edited January 2020
    Yes, Smartphone Link will provide traffic and weather alerts. I don't think the Garmin RV 770 LMT-S comes with a conventional traffic receiver (either built in or bundled with the power cord). It is compatible with the GTM-60 power cord/traffic receiver for HD Traffic, but you would need to buy that separately. You will find that the coverage for traffic reporting with Smartphone Link is far superior to what you get with a traffic receiver.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    iggy said:

    I know its just a 2595 with a bigger screen and faster processor.

    Well, in terms of the hardware, that might be accurate. But the software is substantially different. These devices have a special RV mode (which should be the default) and that gives you a bunch of additional things. You should be able to create a vehicle profile that includes its length/width/height/weight and similar data. The device will then use all of that when calculating routes, so (for example) it shouldn't send you down a road with a bridge that is too low for your vehicle or a mountain road with a turn that is too sharp. And it should also warn you about any concerns like this as you drive around.

    Then it should also have some special POI databases related to RV's and trucks, like campgrounds, places that service/tow big vehicles, etc.

    Or that's the theory, at least. ;) Anyway - congratulatioins, sounds like you got a nice deal!
  • iggy 197 Points
    Thank Boyd.
    I have not received the RV 770 yet so I'm just digging on as much knowledge as I can and I see it has lots of bells and whistles. I do plan on adding my own POI as that will expand the POI's to meet my likes when RVing. Use POI Factory website for years.

    POI's I add
    Best BBQ in USA
    Diners, Drive-in and Dives show locations
    Flying J Truck stops
    Cracker Barrel Restaurants
    Campgrounds ALL US and Canada
    Walmart and Sams Club Fuel locations

    I do have the Garmin Traffic antenna Cable which says it will work on the 770 also. Don't use it much but good to know. I have limited data on my smartphone of only 3GB per month and usually don't use any but it will be an option. The only great thing I may use with the Garmin App is the weather forecast which would fit my needs when crossing the country.

  • alanb 557 Points
    Smartphone Link traffic takes a very small amount of data. Give it a try … I think you will be surprised how little it uses. I have a "pay as you go" Android phone and buy only a few GB per year, and most of that is used by other apps, not Smartphone Link.
  • iggy 197 Points
    Thanks for the info.
  • iggy 197 Points
    Now that I have had the RV 770 a few days I must say I'm very impresses in the speed that it responds to voice commands or screen commands.
    Screen is super sharp and I actually turned off Bluetooth and wifi for now.
    I updated it to the latest maps yesterday via USB and Garmin Express and it took only about 20 minutes and that also included 3 other files.
    I had a spare 32GB memory card around and added all my additional POI files and now I see the Optional Icon on the Where To Page which I never had.

    Now how do I get rid of the Nag screens when I boot up about the legal stuff and don't use while driving?
    Any hidden hacks?

    Also unable to see the root directory in the memory even after I make all directory visible.
    I need to backup everything to my computer and don't see it all like I did with my other gps.
  • iggy 197 Points
    Found the .system directory file area.

    Now the Legal screen when you startup and must agree to all that Garmin says.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited January 2020
    Regarding the "nagging", there's a setting in some menu that lets you choose whether you can enter information while in motion. This has always been an option on the Nuvi, etc. Now the software license stuff typically bothers you until you have driven around with the GPS for a day or two. Again, that has been the case going back to the Nuvi for quite awhile.

    But, if the RV units are like my Dezl, if you set the device for automotive mode then it nags you everytime it starts up and says that it won't warn about truck restrictions since it's in automotive mode. No way to turn that off.

    Finally, there's the nag screen that the Nuvi always had when it starts. But that will go away all by itself if you just wait 30 sec or so on most models.

    For the hidden directories, see this other recent thread. Garmin may have made some changes on new models, but the RV 770 might still be like the older models.
  • iggy 197 Points
    edited January 2020
    Thanks for the information.
    Was just told that the RV 770 will be gone this year and the newer 780 and 785 will take its place.
    That is why I got a great price on the RV 770 of $229.
    Here is the link if anyone is interested.
  • alanb 557 Points
    edited January 2020
    In regard to Bluetooth, if it is like my 3597, you can turn on Bluetooth to use smartphone link for traffic, but turn off the hands free calling function. I do this so I can use the phone function built into my cars infotainment system instead of the Garmin feature. My Android phone seems to handle having both the Garmin Smartphone link and car phone functions paired on Bluetooth at the same time. In fact, I have even used Smartphone Link and Android Auto (Google navigation) at the same time … surprised that works, but it doesn't seem to cause any problems in either app.
  • iggy 197 Points
    Yes, I will check on this. I also don't want phone calls on my gps but want it for the other stuff.
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