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Can Garmin 51LM saved trips be sorted?

My Garmin Nuvi 55LM died the other day, and I bought a Drive 51LM. Used BaseCamp to import the saved trips from my old device. BUT, the display of saved trips is not alphabetized (as it was in the Nuvi).

How can I sort the list of saved trips in the Drive 51 Trip Planner, so it is again alphabetized?


  • sussamb 947 Points
    edited February 2020
    Unfortunately I don't believe you can.
  • Yea ... I have looked in various forums and get pretty much the same answer ... that is unfortunate. I had hoped somebody found a secret method somehow.

    Thanks anyway.
  • sussamb 947 Points
    Well if you have the patience you can sort them by scheduling the trip, scheduled trips are sorted in time order so a trip scheduled to start at, for example, 1000 will appear after a trip with an earlier scheduled time.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Never looked into this at all myself, but this thread at GPSFileDepot made me wonder if something similar is happening?

    "The tracks (and I'm assuming routes and waymarks as well) are listed in a Garmin device (not just a GPSMap62) depending on how far away the first track point (or waymark) is from your current location."
  • sussamb 947 Points
    edited February 2020
    Wish that were true. AFAIK it is for handheld devices, but not for automobile ones. I've never been able to work out the rationale behinds the way routes are sorted, at least not on the newer models. First in the list on my Drive is my French house to a local airport, and I'm currently in the UK :)
  • sussamb -
    Well if you have the patience you can sort them by scheduling the trip
    Boyd -

    Sorting did not appear to be by distance of 1st departure point. BUT by editing the scheduled departure time (or time to get to 1st waypoint) (Trip Settings > Edit Schedule), the trips were sorted by departure time. Better than the default!

    (I arranged them alphabetically, and then incremented the departure times by a minute for each. Now, hoping I can take the trips at a different time than scheduled [grin]) All the "timed" trips were sorted to the bottom of the Saved Trips list, in chronological order.

    (I wonder if those departure times will remain if I edit the trip file with BaseCamp?)

    sussamb - Thanks again for the tip! It seems to work, so far!

  • I have been wrestling with this "change" in the newer models and had given up on ever sorting my 80 odd trips on them but you have given me a new motivation to set them in alphabetical/start time. Our drivers had given up on using the preset routes for the various mines except those that had the nuvi 2797. If only the scrolling of nearest poi could be set to work on the latest Garmin units.
  • Kevin -
    Remember to use BaseCamp to change both the date and the time. If you use the device, it will change the time only (the assumed date is "today") ... and, the Garmin sorts by date+time stamp.
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