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Next Garmin software / map updates?

For the first time, I've noticed Tim? Never posted his "Best Guess" date for the next update. Is there a guess out there?

Nuvi 2689
Nuvi 2595
Nuvi 205W
etrex Vista HCX


  • Tim 1500 Points
    I expect future updates to be on a more erratic cycle than during the 2015–2019 timespan. Something in the next 2–3 weeks is my best guess.
  • Is there less demand for GPS's now because do much is available on smart phones? I still like being able to plot out the route I want to take, and saving it in the GPS for later. It's nice you can save the routes in Basecamp on the computer and transfer them to a different Nuvi...assuming it has that routing capability.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Dedicated GPS devices are a slowly dying product category. It has been going on for many years and no doubt will continue until the inevitable end. :(
  • privet01 230 Points
    edited February 2020
    Hard to compete free apps you can download to a smartphone. However there are pro's and con's to using your phone. And, pro's and con's for a dedicated device.

    I find that I have to use both to eliminate being surprised by one or the other. Yet sometimes both surprise me in how they are so wrong.
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