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garmin nuvi 265wt

My name is dave i have a garmin nuvi 265 and i called garmins 800 number and asked if my old garmin would still accept new maps my last map update was 2016 they say i still could but they would not advise it and offered me a deal on the newest garmin but i dont travel that much and i like the 265 does anyone still have a 265 what would you do?


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I would not spend another penny on a GPS that old, sorry. I don't know what kind of deal they offered, but you should shop around a bit for factory refurbished devices. They are typically even cheaper than buying a map for your old GPS. I know that doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it is.

    For example, has three different refurb models for $80. Also check out and Amazon.
  • privet01 231 Points
    I tend to agree, just get a new one. I have a nuvi 205w from circa 2008 still and very early on purchased lifetime maps for it. It still updates maps, but I have had to limit the coverage and no longer can put the entire North America on it. In fact, I'm not certain I was able to load the lower 49 last time I updated. Adding a memory card to it didn't help, as the Garmin's I have tend to be very finicky about the size and class of card you put in to them. Even though my card matches what is claimed to be the proper class and size, it still gives issues. So I gave up trying.

    If you do decide to get a new Garmin, they call them Drive, DriveSmarts or DriveAssist now instead of Nuvi. Each is geared to a slightly different set of features though the all do basic road navigation as does your old nuvi. Be certain to consider what features your old nuvi does that you don't want to do without and make sure you are aware if the new model you are looking at does or does not have those features.

    If you only use it once in a while, maybe a free phone app will serve you as well. I use google maps and there are plenty of others too. However since I drive several thousand miles a week, I like having a dedicated Garmin device. I use both the Garmin Drivesmart lmt-s along with google maps on my phone together. Between the two, it get some helpful info. I also get a lot of bad info from both of them. But either will get you to the destination with some amount of efficiency. And if you don't know any better about the routes then you should be happy.

  • alanb 557 Points
    I have to agree with the others. A device as old is the nuvi 265 just isn't worth the cost of a map update. For one thing, with a newer device you will get lifetime map updates included, where if you buy a one time update on the 265, over time, it will be out of date again. In addition you will get some useful features on a newer device that your 265 doesn't have. In my view, just the lane assist features you get on the newer devices are worth the upgrade.
  • This is Dave the one with the 265wt garmin offered me a new device for 99 dollars and the map update wuld cost 49 dollars for just a region of the country {last time was 2016 i had no memory card to put in or sd card just the usb cable. I still just have usb cable so i assume the region map is still 49 dollars after hearing yall i think i will take them up on thedeal and get the new garmin thamks
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited February 2020
    Well what model is it they offered you? It may not be as good a deal as other models you can find re-furb's for at gpscity or other places.

    Also, other discounters are able to offer the re-furbs with a longer warranty period than Garmin does on it's own re-furbs
  • this is Dave I am not sure what model they are offering me garmin sent me an email with offer included but i have not opened email yet since i was deciding what to do as far as which ones garmin has 2 new units on sale and they say one costs a little more than the other so for 99 dollars i would assume they are offering me the cheaper one
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    take a look at the sites I mentioned above, had three different Drive models for $79.
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