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Drivesmart 55 Max Speed won't reset

I am traveling and reset the trip information each day but the max speed never changes. Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? I am using the latest software. Thanks.



  • sussamb 947 Points
    Should do I would think, mine resets to zero on a DriveSmart 50. I'd call Garmin and ensure they know about it.
  • privet01 231 Points
    Does yours give you the screen where you select what you want to reset? Might try just selecting "max speed" only instead of "select all". Sometimes minor software glitches need a different strategy to make them start working. I've frequently been the cause of my own issue from my own misunderstanding of what something did or how it was s'posed to work. So what exactly are you doing and how?

    But a call to Garmin is the best bet. Especially if you are in North America. They help no matter how old your device is, providing it's something that can be fixed over the phone. If their phone queue is full of calls waiting ahead of you, then their system will prompt for your call back number and they will call you back when your turn comes up.
  • I have tried the "Reset All" and just reset "Max Speed" but neither work. It's not that big of a deal but I will give them a call once I settle somewhere. Thanks, guys.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Before wasting your time on hold with Garmin, I would do a hard reset of the GPS. This often fixes strange problems. However the reset will erase your saved locations, so you should back those up first. It will also set all the menu choices to their defaults and clear your search history. So, you might want to wait until you get back home instead of doing this in the middle of a trip.

    See this thread for the reset procedure:
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