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Garmin 770 RV map update install but have a question

I just up date my new Garmin 770 RV via wifi and all went very quickly and complete.
The question after I restarted and looked at the map log it shows.
all four of these.
My question is can you tell us what each is for?
The 1st two seem understandable being related to parking lots and Foursquare food.

The last two is what I'm not sure about.

What is DEM mean?

And the CN means it includes Canada?

Thank you

CN North America NT
2021.10 Parkopedia

CN North America NT
2021.10 Foursquare

North America DEM

CN North America NT
2021.10 ALL


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    edited February 2020
    "CN" is an abbreviation for City Navigator. "North America" means it includes Canada. ;)

    DEM is an acronym for Digital Elevation Model. When you enable this map (either through MyMaps or with the Map Layers) it will add three-dimensional terrain to the map. This data is included in the file named gmapdem.img. Interesting that the RV 770 includes the DEM file, I did not realize that.
  • iggy 197 Points
    Thanks Boyd for the update.

    I also was also unaware the RV 770 had 3d maping. (DEM)
    I will have to see if the menu started or something

    Anyone else found this on their 770 RV?

    The 780 has I it I believe.
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