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Weirdness -- two hours ahead of standard time.

Updated my DS61lmt-s on Sunday with the latest updates. On Monday I went for 150 mile trip. Noticed the device put my estimated arrival time as an hour later than it should be. Looking at it's clock, it was showing one hour ahead of CDT or two hours from CST.

With one full state between me and the eastern time zone, I'm wondering what got messed up. So I hold the power button down to force a restart. I know it was a restart, as it showed the loading splash screens. Afterwards, still the same thing. So for all three hundred miles out and back it was two off from CST.

Later at home I hook it up to my computer thinking I can make Garmin Express reinstall the timezone and other update files, but apparently it will only reinstall the map. So I didn't do anything with GE, but while fiddling with it, I notice the device is now showing the correct time.

Weird that it was wrong for upwards of six hours during my trip, but then was magically correct.

Any of you experience issues with DST being strange on your devices since the change?
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