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Red Light Camera Alerts are annoying.

For the first time since I had my DS61 lmt-s, I got several Red Light Camera alerts. I've been through Baton Rouge plenty of times before and not gotten them. I thought those were premium subscription content. I'm surprised I haven't gotten them in other large cities, but maybe like in Mississippi, traffic cameras in those other places cannot be used for issuing fines to drivers.

I got about five of them as I drove through Baton Rouge, LA. Now these seem to behave a little differently from other alerts. And they do seem like they'll be an annoying alert as I didn't see that they minimize to a corner of the screen as do other alerts. So the next turn information was covered up.

I'll have to find out if these come from data from the devices maps, or from the smartphone link.


  • privet01 231 Points
    I traveled the same route today and did not get any Red Light Camera alerts. I didn't change any settings. So I guess I'll put that down in the "never really happened" category since I've got no proof.

    Maybe it was a Garmin promotion or something. Seems I got some promotional messages about Red Light Cameras the week prior to the event, but I just ignored them as spam. Although that's an odd way to promote something and seems unlikely.
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