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I recommend Twonav GPS

I work as mountain bike guide traveling with groups in many countries all over the world. In the last 8 years I used several Twonav GPS models. This GPS is very reliable, robust, flexible and easy usage, relatively long battery life, and with all the options you need for mountain biking at any terain and location. It uses most gps file formats. With the Land software you can cut and create secific areas topographic detaild map files for the GPS, from several open online maps. And the main advantage is the good support service you get from Twonav. Therefore I highly recomend this product.


  • sussamb 956 Points
    Guess you work for them?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited April 2020
    I started a thread on this awhile ago. Would have bought one if they were sold in the US. But they are not.

    When I was considering buying one, I sent them an e-mail. It was never answered. Then I had a look at their community forums. Lots of complaints there, and no responses.

    One measure of a company is the quality of support that they provide. It appears to be sadly lacking from TwoNav, and that's a shame, because their products and software do appear to be very nice.
  • I am not working for or have any relations with Twonav. along the many years i use this product had also some ups and downes with their support, but always eventually I got the fix in a reasonable timeframe. I don't know about thier service in US. recently I had some problems with the device and I got excelent support. And I think they deserve this recomendation. I also used some other more widespread devices, which were much less friendlley and flexible.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited April 2020
    ntsukran said:

    I don't know about thier service in US.

    No problem there, because there's nothing to know. They are not sold in the United States. Period. If you want one, you would have to order it from the EU. I gave serious consideration to doing that but decided against it, read the thread I linked to. I have yet to hear of anyone in the US purchasing a TwoNav GPS. I purchased the TwoNav app, that is very nice and well worth the cost since it included versions I can use on my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Windows computer. I think CompeGPS Land is also a very impressive product. I used the free trial and have recommended it to others. I really have no need for it, but would purchase it if I did.

    We really need an alternative to Garmin in the US, and I would welcome TwoNav to our market. But they need some kind of US presence for that to happen. A good start would be to open a US TwoNav store on Amazon. That would inspire a lot more confidence, since we would have Amazon standing behind them if an order is lost or a device is damaged in shipping.
  • Hope for them they will do it. first Spain needs to get out from this corona tragedy, then maybe Twonav will have to open new markets to recover. wish all of you all the best and get back to normal life soon.
  • Svengali 0 Points
    I also recommend the Twonav brand, I am currently using them and I have nor problems with them so far.
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