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Lately, the last three months, my Nuvi 2595 has been acting strange. When i plug the unit into the vehicle cigarette lighter plug and enter a destination the unit functions like a new unit, showing the map and all the normal road lanes and on/off ramps and it does tell me when to make turns and when i will arrive at my desired destination. Then after i drive a while, maybe 20 minutes, without any reason, the screen changes to the screen that shows the icons for Traffic, Mute, Stop, Detour, Exit Services and Where Am I. When this occurs i issue the command 'voice command' and it displays the appropriate screen and i respond 'view map' and the system displays the map view accordingly. Then maybe a short time later it goes back to showing the icons for Traffic, Mute, Stop, Detour, Exit Services and Where Am I. This goes on for maybe 10 minutes until the proper map view stays on the screen for maybe a half hour and than we start the process all over again. i do use a vent mount for easier viewing, imho, and i do close the vent from emitting any hot or cold air directly to the back of the GPS unit. I did update maps about a year ago and that update has worked without fail. So if anyone could shed some light on what might be causing my issue, and any suggestions how to correct them, i would be extremely grateful.


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I would perform a hard reset. More often than not, this cures mysterious problems like you are experiencing. If you have any favorites (aka saved locations) be sure to back them up, as discussed further down in the thread below.

    The hard reset will also clear your recent search results and set all menu options back to their defaults, but there is no way to prevent that.

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