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Etrex Emergency Routing

I apologize if this is a rookie question, but I'm a new GPS user and trying to figure out how to use the device for the reason in which I purchased it.

I have an Etrex 30x; I use it for hiking trails. I have already created several routes and tracks of the trails I frequently travel locally. I can create a route from tracks using basecamp okay. However, I can't seem to figure out how to create an "emergency" route using previously stored tracks while hiking.

For example, say I get lost or a storm is fast approaching during a hike, and I don't want to "trackback" using the same tracks/route that got me to that point. Rather, I want to navigate to a stored waypoint using the fastest route available, which I know is one of the other trails in the area that I previously traveled.

The problem I'm having, is when I hit the "Where To?" button and choose my destination waypoint, it creates a straight line through the woods, rather than using one of the many trails that are already in the device as "tracks".

Is there anyway to configure it to follow previous tracks/trail from a random location in the woods?

Thanks for any help... I have read several posts/articles and watched several help videos but can't find the answer.


  • sussamb 956 Points
    Yes, select the track itself and navigate using that.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    This article is old, but it might help
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