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Garmin 010-12242-22 Cable

I"m installing a GPS with a backup camera. I want to permanently install and hard wire the GPS unit to a switched circuit under the dash. From the size of the Cigarette Liter plug on both the original power cable and the one provided with the BC-30 Camera kit, I assume that the plug contains circuitry that drops the voltage from 12 VDC to the ~5 VDC USB standard.
The next problem is getting the plug through the dash neat the mounting point. It would take about a 1.75" hole to pass the plug through. I'd like to cut the wire, pass it through a 3/16" hole then re-solder it back together. are there more then two wires in the cable between the plug and the receiver module? Are they color coded? Are they solder-able?
I'm sure that I'm not the first one to want to do this. On the camera cable they put a nice little connector that would allow it to pass through a 1/4" hole. A little piece of shrink wrap and it's like one piece again.
Thanks for your help. I don't want to ruin this cable since it costs ~$70 to replace.


  • privet01 231 Points
    edited May 2020
    Why not just get a 12 volt power outlet and wire that in and tuck under your dash? Then you won't have to alter the power cable for the GPS. If you ever have to take it out, it'll be undamaged. There are all sorts of them at the auto parts stores. If it's going to be considered semi-permanent, might be more secure to put some large shrink tube or just wrap the two together with electrical tape.

    As for cutting a hole, and cutting the cable. You are still talking about the power supply cable for the GPS?? Not sure where you are that you have to drill a hole behind the dash, but still a small hole less than 1/2" ought to let you pass the usb end through.

    If you are talking about the power supply for the BC-30, then there are some garmin videos for that.........
  • n4jee 0 Points
    Thank you for your advice. If I were just installing the GPS unit I could probably pass the USB plug through a 3/4" hole. The GPS power cable supplied with the camera has a 3"x1"x.5" block that contains the receiver circuitry for the signal from the camera. That block is located only 5" from the USB plug and I don't know if 5" is enough slack or if there will be enough room behind the dash. I probably will install a cigarette lighter socket behind the dash to plug the cable into.
    I'm mounting this in a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500. I'm going to remove the bezel that surrounds the radio and air conditioning controls. In the top center of that bezel is a molded indentation to store your sun glasses. That is where I plan on permanently installing the GPS mounting bracket.
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited May 2020
    Oh.... I'd been thinking a while back about get a BC-30 and missed out on the part about using a different power cable for the GPS.

    Don't know what to tell you about the wiring. The plug going into the cigar lighter/power point is probably just snapped together and the same as most any other Garmin plug on a power cable. So if you have an old one you can waste, see if it snaps apart or is ruined. I don't like cutting cables but I've done it for the GPS's on my boat. They were color coded wires inside. But...... YMMV

    And be certain you are going to like that position for your GPS. I like mine lower and frequently put them on the center ash tray. But only as temporary for the device.

    For the camera, I was going to replace the radio in my truck with a radio that has a display screen and can integrate with a backup camera. That way the GPS only has to be in there for big trips. Don't know if any car entertainment centers interface with Garmin cameras though.
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