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Laptop GPS World is shutting down

Boyd 2043 Points
edited June 2020 in GPS Discussions
The first domino is falling. Who will be next? At least for now, you should be able to access old copies of the site at*/

However, has just been sued by a number of book publishers and there are serious concerns as to whether it will be able to survive.

"I'm sorry to have to post this sad news: Laptop GPS World will close before the end of this month. It has been several years since the participation in the forum started to go down. The technology has changed. Many of the software and hardware products which we have discussed here have been discontinued by their manufacturers.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have participated in the forum over the years. Special thanks to Ken (Ken in Regina) and Terry (tcassidy) for their friendship and help with the forum. Without them, this forum would have not survived this many years.

The last day of will be June 29."

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