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Map disappeared on screen of oregon450

The map on SD card always used has disappeared on hand held gps but is still visible on Basecamp?


  • privet01 231 Points
    In the system setup menus you might need to see if that map is listed and the checkbox checked.

    Or perhaps the card slot is damaged.

    Garmin used to have a flat-rate repair site so you could see what it'd cost for out of warranty stuff. However they've either moved it or discontinued it. But used to be you could send in your old unit and get a re-furb'd unit for a very low cost.

    You might CALL Garmin support and tell them your issue. Even for old out of warranty stuff they will help you figure out what might be the issue. If they can't they might suggest trading your unit in for a re-furb, which is essentially what their flat-rate repair program is or was.

    Their support lines usually have a wait, but you can leave your call back number and they will call you back. I've used it several times over the years.

    Although if you are in regions other than North America, YMMV.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Are you using a pre-loaded data card that you bought from Garmin, or did you install a map on the card yourself? When you say the map is visible in Basecamp, how are you viewing it? Are you plugging the GPS into your computer and directly viewing the map from the card? Or are you viewing a map you have installed directly into Basecamp, without the GPS connected?
  • clodagh 0 Points
    Yes, it was an SD card bought from Garmin with the ordnance survey maps. The map is only visible on Basecamp when the device is plugged into the computer, when the map appears in the MAPS section.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    That would indicate there is nothing wrong with the card, the card slot or the usb port on the GPS. Being logical.... that suggests a GPS software issue, hardware problem or simply misconfigured menus.

    For the software... have you updated the firmware on your GPS recently? I have seen several puzzling reports where people have had maps vanish after updating the GPS firmware, and have not seen any resolution. If this has happened, you may be able to fix it by downgrading the firmware, however the source of old firmware seems to have vanished recently. :(

    @privet01 suggested a configuration to check. Go to Setup > Map and see what maps are indicated as being enabled. The map would show in Basecamp regardless of whether it is enabled on the GPS. If more than one map is enabled, disable everything but the map on the card. Also, make sure you are actually located within the coverage area of the map and zoom way in.

    As for hardware, that seems unlikely since the card slot and USB port appear to work. But I suppose there could be a memory problem that might cause this. If it's hardware, then it's just a paperweight now, would not be worth fixing.
  • clodagh 0 Points
    Thanks. I have already checked the maps enabled and it is the correct one. No I haven't updated the recently. The map covers the entire area and I am always covered. This is only happening lately and it is driving me insane.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    There could be something corrupted on the card that prevents the GPS from reading the map. For example, Garmin uses hardware copy protection to ensure that people don't duplicate these cards. If that was somehow indicating the card was actually a copy (not the original), then the map would not work on the GPS, however it would still work on your computer.

    I think the only way you can troubleshoot this is to try a different map on a different card in your GPS and see if it works. You could download a free map from sites like gpsfiledepot, openstreetmap and talky toaster. But do not install them on the same card as the Garmin map.

    Have you ever tried to install another map on the same card as the Garmin map? If so, that could cause a problem too.

    If another map on another card works properly, then the next thing would be to try the Garmin card in a different GPS (which might not be practical if you don't have another). Nevertheless, if you download another map, put it on another card and everything works then I'd say your Garmin card has somehow become corrupted. Basecamp is not very particular about the stuff you put on a memory card, but the GPS is very picky, especially when using copy-protected Garmin products.
  • clodagh 0 Points
    No. I also have talky toaster maps of European areas and they all work in the device
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited July 2020
    My vote is that the Garmin card is corrupt. If so, you are just out of luck unless the card is new enough to still be covered by a Garmin warranty. I don't think they would replace an old card, although it never hurts to ask. :)

    The only other thing you might try is removing all other map files from the GPS and using just the map on the card. It's possible there could be some conflict with another map, and this could happen even if the other map is not enabled.

    But everything points to a problem with the Garmin card IMO.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    One other thing you can easily check. Just because Basecamp shows the map doesn't necessarily mean it's actually there (believe it or not). Basecamp uses a cache to speed up map drawing, in other words, it remembers the maps it has used in the past. I see examples of this all the time when working on a new map. So, Basecamp could just see the name of the map on the GPS and then display the data it already had in the cache.

    To clear the cache, while viewing the map in Basecamp type control-G control-G. That should force a reload of the map. If the map does not come back after doing this, then it isn't being read from the card.
  • privet01 231 Points
    If you are in North America, call Garmin Support. Won't cost you anything but time.
    Product Support
    U.S. 913-397-0872 | 1-800-800-1020
    Canada 1-866-429-9296

    When you are in basecamp are you certain you are viewing the map on the device itself or are you seeing that map image that may have been copied to basecamp sometime in the past.

    Removing the SD card then connecting the 450 back to basecamp will be a quick way to assure that question.
  • clodagh 0 Points
    No. Unless the device is con nected no map will display.I can look at tracks but no map. The SD may be the proble m but I don't understand how it reads on base camp. The Garmon has always been reliable but perhaps has run out of luck.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited July 2020
    Not sure if you understood. Connect the GPS to your computer and use Basecamp to view the map. While viewing the map, press control-G once, then press control-G again. This show now display the Basecamp Global Map. Leave your GPS connected the whole time. Now choose the Garmin map from the GPS again from the dropdown menu. Does it still work?

    I explained above how the map might work in Basecamp but not on the GPS. Basecamp does not look at the copy protection when it reads a map file. But the GPS uses a system to authenticate the map. This is done with a combination of files plus the hardware ID of the card. If the map is corrupted, it could make the GPS think the map is not a legal copy and refuse to display it. But it would still work in Basecamp.

    Sorry, that is all I can offer.
  • sussamb 956 Points
    I'd try the following. Remove the card. Reboot your device without the card installed. Then switch off and reinsert the card. Now reboot your device.

    I've had situations in the past where all my routes on a card disappeared, occasionally it seems devices need to re-index the data on a card, this may be what's happened to your map.
  • clodagh 0 Points
    Thanks. I will tryou that.
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