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Don’t see 24k map displayed in Oregon 750

New here hi
Have a new Oregon 750 and just getting to know it. Bought a used tested 24k Topo on micro SD and installed it correctly. It appears in maps list but when I choose map Screen I only get low grade basemap can’t seem to display the topos. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?


  • sussamb 956 Points
    Tested how? Is it on the original Garmin card?

    If it was bought from Garmin the map is locked to the card, if it's a download it will be locked to the original device.
  • Thanks. No idea how it was tested. On SanDisk but sellers says it’s Garmin. I disabled all other maps but still just get a base map no detailed Topo.
    Asked seller if I can return and ordering a NEW card seems like best bet.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited July 2020
    Try connecting the GPS to your computer with a USB cable and open Garmin Basecamp. The GPS should appear as an icon in the sidebar. It may take a few minutes for Basecamp to cache the data, but then you should be able to choose the map and view it on your computer. That fact that you can view the map in Basecamp doesn't necessarily mean that it will work on the GPS, but it will at least confirm there's a map on the card.
  • I really appreciate the suggestion, but I only have a chrome book so I can’t do that. I just ordered a New 100k Topo map from a Garmin dealer so when I get it I’m sure I’ll have no problem. As for the other one I have requested a return for refund.
    I’m quite the novice on gps units ( Which is why I joined this forum) and expect to have other questions so I appreciate all the help I can get.
    I like to roam the woods with my metal detector seeking colonial homesites but Need the security of a good gps to alleviate the fear of getting lost. I had a foretrex but wanted more features and accuracy.
  • Seller gave refund but said new one won’t work either which is of course nonsense. He told me I had to make sure declutter setting had to be turned on ????? No such setting on the O750
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Declutter is a setting that was present on ~20 year old old Garmin devices such as the GPSMap 60csx that had very low resolution screens. The fact that he said that suggests he is way behind the times. ;)

    Not having a Mac or a PC is going to limit your capabilities however. There are many free maps available for Garmin devices from sites like gpsfiledepot but unfortunately, most of them require Garmin's software for installation on the GPS. I make maps too, but I also offer them as files that can be dragged right to the GPS so users can install them without a Mac or PC. Unfortunately, there are not many other authors of free maps who offer such an option.
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited July 2020
    Not saying this is the case for your issue, but there are many people selling SD cards with Garmin maps on them that don't go through Garmin's licensing program. They pretty much just have a hacked version of Garmin's map that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

    I'd only purchase an SDcard map directly from Garmin or one of the vendors that has been around for many years and also sells other Garmin products.

    I have not looked recently, so someone else will have to say if it's changed. Directly through Garmin or it's licensed vendors, you can get a card with the map on it locked to the card and will work in other of your Garmin devices, or you can download from Garmin to your own SDcard and it will be locked to one particular device.

    eBay in my opinion has been the worst at getting counterfeit vendors under control. Amazon and a few others better, but certainly not perfect.
  • Great information
    The micro SD I got is from an authorized garmin dealer and will work- they say it is a pre-programmed data card and does not need to be unlocked and after unpacking ( I’m taking this as unwrapping?) can be used on multiple devices but not on computer. So I’m expecting it is as simple as inset the card and done

    I’m considering getting a windows based laptop to use for basecamp and mapping, but not immediately
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited July 2020
    Has been a few years since I've bought a Garmin map on a pre-loaded card, but I have a couple older ones. The cards themselves did not have any special labels, they were just SanDisk (or whatever) microSD cards. However, it was shrink-wrapped in printed Garmin packaging and the card was in a little plastic box with a printed label identifying it as a Garmin map.

    Was yours (supposedly) a new product, or something used? If new, then it should have been in Garmin packaging. And all you would need to do is insert it in the GPS. Yes, it's true that there have been a lot of counterfeit Garmin SD cards in the past. I think these were mostly City Navigator maps however.

    And yes, the pre-loaded cards will work on any Garmin GPS however they cannot be duplicated (they use hardware-based copy protection that locks the map to the original card). And it's also correct that the downloaded maps will only work on the original GPS for which they were purchased. One advantage of the download product is that you can use it immediately, but there are a couple other less obvious advantages. First, if you lose your original map somehow, it can be downloaded again for free for 12 months (IIRC) after purchase. But IMO the biggest advantage is that you can install the map in internal memory on the GPS if you like, or you can put it on another big memory card along with other maps.

    With the pre-loaded cards, you should not add any other maps or data to the card as you risk corrupting it (and there usually isn't much free space anyway). This is a big limitation and you might not understand all the implications. For example, your new GPS can use Birdseye aerial imagery (it may have even included a free subscription). These are very big files that you would typically want to put on a card instead of internal memory. However, if you have a map on a Garmin card then you are out of luck. You would have to physically remove the Garmin card and replace it with your own card of Birdseye imagery.

    Unless you have some definite plans to use a map on more than one GPS, IMO the downloaded map is a better choice because it gives you freedom to install wherever you like.

    BTW, Garmin used to have a third option of purchasing maps on DVD. This was discontinued a number of years ago. Too bad, because these maps were permanently installed on your computer for use in Basecamp and Mapsource. You could then choose as little or as much of the map to send to your GPS. With the new downloadable maps, it's "all or nothing". You can't just install one or two states from a topo map, you have to use the entire map.

    So Garmin no longer sells maps to directly install on your computer. However, you can still use them on the computer by connecting the GPS. Or you could just put the memory card into a slot on your computer (or a USB card reader). In fact, you could even make a duplicate copy of the memory card - the copy protection is not enforced by Basecamp on your computer, it only affects the map when used on the GPS itself.
  • privet01 231 Points
    Boyd said:

    So Garmin no longer sells maps to directly install on your computer. However, you can still use them on the computer by connecting the GPS. Or you could just put the memory card into a slot on your computer (or a USB card reader). In fact, you could even make a duplicate copy of the memory card - the copy protection is not enforced by Basecamp on your computer, it only affects the map when used on the GPS itself.

    I don't use Basecamp very often, but I guess this explains why after re-installing it I couldn't figure out how to import the map so I didn't have to connect a device. I was able to previously do this at some point in the past....... wasn't I?

    Thanks for adding that.

  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited July 2020
    I think City Navigator still has the option to download a map to your computer. Doesn't it? Not really sure, it has been a long time since I tried. But with the topo products, there is no way to install the map on your computer. The only way to do that was to purchase the DVD version, and those are long gone. Third party maps are still available to install on your computer, such as most of the maps at gpsfiledepot and my maps at :)

    If you are using a Mac, you can use Disk Utility to create an empty disk image, then you can copy the contents of a card (or internal GPS memory) to the image. Basecamp will see that just as though it was a physical card.

    There is no built-in software to do the same thing on Windows, however you can use a RAM disk, I have done this with an free program and it worked. On either the Mac or Windows, this is different from Garmin's old system, you are basically just creating a virtual SD card which you need to manually mount and eject.
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