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Can flash memory be replaced in a Uconnect automotive Satnav

Hi. I've got a Chrysler Uconnect 8.4 RB5 sat nav unit. The maps are unavailable and it can't be updated, it is giving me a flash memory error when I attempt to (I've done one before so know the process). Perhaps the error is actually with the flash memory and it can be replaced? I've attached a pic. The Garmin Satnav PCB is in the middle and the flash memory is from Micron and has markings 3PAi8 JW847, I believe the part number is MTFC16GJUEF-AIT. Am I delusional? Worth doing do you think or a lost cause? Thanks for reading and grateful of any replies.


  • privet01 231 Points
    Why can't the maps be updated? Because of the error or was this unit never activated?

    Have no idea if you are delusional. <<grin>>
  • Haha, like it!
    Yes, the maps can't be updated because of the error. The process starts but gives a flash error. The maps won't open either, so the unit doesn't work. It's quite common with these and normally you can recover them from a gupdate.gcd file but not this one. Which makes me wonder if it is actually a flash memory error. I was wondering if it was worth a try or perhaps I should just trash it.
  • privet01 231 Points
    I've no idea. I'd base the decision on fix or trash on how much expense fixing will be and if I can't be assured of the outcome, then that magic dollar amount is a very low number.

    I've never been good at unsoldering and soldering circuits, so if you are good at it and you can get the stuff for next to nothing, there isn't any reason not to try. It's only your time after that.

    But the error might mean there is trouble in the controller that reads that memory too.

    I'm not a electronics technician by any stretch of the imagination. I do build my own PC's and other computer/network devices. Your question is way above my pay grade as some might say.

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