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Can you change color scheme on search screens on DriveSmart 65?

I'm finally getting around to more intensive use of a DriveSmart 65 purchased in June. I find that when I use Voice Command, the search screens come up with a blue background and white lettering. That is OK, but any highlighted words come up in orange on the blue backgound and are almost impossible to see while driving during daytime. Is there any way to change this color scheme. The way it is it is unusable!


  • privet01 231 Points
    Other than messing with the brightness controls or putting it in night time mode I wouldn't know. There are different map themes that change colors of the map displayed. Don't know if that would affect what you are asking.

    I've not had any issue with my DS 61 and it has the same or very similar display. The colors you mention are very contrasting too me. I don't have mine on the dash. I keep mine below the dash on the center console that extends under the dash.
  • Thanks privet01, I have tried the various country color schemes and they do not affect the voice command search screens. The colors are fine if the unit is on my desk, but on the dash of the van its bad.
    I drive a Kia Sedona LX and the center console is too far down - it would be way too distracting to take my eyes that far off the road. Besides, the end of the console closest to the dash has the shifter sticking up making it impossible to locate the gps there.
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