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DriveLuxe 50 questions: Parking and LMT-D to LMT-S switch

Can you please help me with 2 "issues" with my DriveLuxe 50 LMT-D:
- On my final mile towards my destination, the map is flooded with parking opportunities. How can I switch this off, so I can see my route again?
- I am about to give up on LMT-D: The reception is just terrible in the Netherlands, and when it falls back to regular TMC, the outdated info sends me the wrong way. How can I force it to use my Android Phone with Smartphone Link? Can I still use the original power supply with built-in TMC/DAB receiver?


  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited August 2020
    Don't think there is any way to turn off the parking alerts, this has been discussed before. I agree, they are very annoying and not especially helpful/accurate.

    Not really sure about the traffic, are you talking about HD traffic? I thought that model was 50 LMT-HD, not 50 LMT-D. I assume these have internal traffic receivers but have no experience with them, I have a couple LMT-S models and think they will work with the old-style traffic receivers, since there is no internal receiver.
  • mmrizio 0 Points
    Thanks about your comment on the Traffic Alerts. Too bad they implemented a bad feature without the option to disable it.

    My LMT-D is a European model, the US model might be called LMT-HD. I don't know the technical differences, but the idea should be pretty similar: My LMT-D receives the traffic info from broadcast radio signals on the TMC or DAB+ waves. Most of the time, my smartphone app has the more accurate information from the internet. Just like the LMT-S version of the DriveLuxe 50 (and many other Garmins).

    So I want to be sure it uses that info, and not the TMC signal it also receives from the power adapter.
    Basically: I want to use it as an LMT-S.
  • sussamb 959 Points
    edited August 2020
    I have a DriveSmart 50 LMT-D, European maps as I'm in UK. I find the digital traffic in UK and France very accurate. If it's not in Holland it's because of the info being supplied to Garmin. You can though link these devices to use your smartphone for traffic,

    As for the parking alerts, I don't find them intrusive, not sure but you may be able to turn them off by turning off the Up ahead layer
  • mmrizio 0 Points
    Thanks. You link to the Smartlink app: If I use this, will it always overrule the traffic coming in through DAB+ or TMC?
    I used it briefly on my travel in Germany. But was not impressed with the quality of the traffic info, so I thought I was still looking at TMC data. Also, the connectivity is a bit hit and miss: It connect reliably to the handsfree and messages channel, but I needed to connect manually on the phone using 'Last connection' in the app most of the times.

    Good to know the LMT-D works well in UK and France. I think my issue is the reception; being able to tune in to the Digital channel at all. I tried leaving the cable on the dashboard and many different positions, but without luck. Many times the DriveLuxe is just looking for updates, and/or connected to the analogue channels.
  • sussamb 959 Points
    As I understand it yes, the app will provide your traffic
  • mmrizio 0 Points
    I will give it another try and check the results. This would be the best of both worlds.

    Regarding the parking flood: I am usually at the 300m zoom level; here the number and size of the 'P' icons often overwhelms the view. I will zoom my way around the issue.
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