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unnecessary updates?

During my most recent update, there were two displayed that were available;

Font, binary data, Arabic (Bold)
Font, binary data, Arabic

I assume they are unnecessary and optional. I didn't install them but found no option to ignore them. They keep showing up.

Just to be sure...I don't need them, right?
Is it worth installing them so the notices go away?

One of the issues I've run across with my previous devices is they run out of storage space, so I hate to load them with unnecessary files.


  • privet01 231 Points
    edited August 2020
    Probably not that big. And likely they'll be replacing what is there already, so even less space actually taken.

    You don't have to have them. But then again, someone might take their Garmin somewhere where Arabic is needed and they'll forget it was an available update. Then they'll flame Garmin in a post about it.

    So you can't really blame Garmin for not giving you an option.
  • menhir 115 Points
    I'm not worried about blaming Garmin... :-)

    I'm just about making sure I ain't done nuttin' that I shouldn't of hadda done or ain't not done sumpin' that I oughta. :-D

  • Boyd 2044 Points
    Most updates are not necessary IMO. Still running the original firmware and maps that were installed when I bought my DriveTrack 71 almost two years ago. Hardly even using the car now, so there would be no point in updating the maps. :))
  • this was my question havent been here in a while should you update every time new maps become available ? They dont really build new roads every 3 months
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