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Change Font Size Inquiry Zumo 660

I was wondering if there was a way to increase the font size on the map display on my Zumo 660.

I have no problem with the keyboard font size, which seems to be the major search results I receive,
but rather the bar at the top of the map display that shows the upcoming directions.

The display on the Zumo 660 is dimmer than my other Garmin devices, even at the brightest setting. That, combined with aging vision @-) , is making the upcoming directions a little hard to read these days, especially when a lot of info is crammed in that small space.

Any help (if it's possible at all) would be appreciated.


  • Boyd 2044 Points
    I seriously doubt that it's possible. For just one year (2012 IIRC) Garmin gave us "dashboards" that I figured out how to hack and even posted a tutorial here. There was a way to add new fonts to those, but I couldn't get that to work.

    But after that year, there was no way to tweak anything in the user interface (short of disassembling the firmware and modifying, which is highly complex and risks bricking the device). I'm afraid "it is what it is" with Garmin. :(
  • menhir 115 Points

    It looks like it's a "deal with it" situation. 8-|

    It's normally not too bad most of the time when the directions are simple, but when I see that I have to choose:
    US380/US27 South Hassayampa Viaduct (I made that up :\"> )
    among a choice of closely-spaced spaghetti interchanges coming up at 65MPG in bright wash-out conditions with heavy traffic...while on a motorcycle...

    So I'll deal with it, then. :|
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited August 2020
    I'm sure Garmin would be quite happy to sell you a Zumo XT with a 5.5" screen. :O)

    I was reading a long thread about the new Montana over at and people were comparing it to the Zumo XT. People really seem to like the XT over there.
  • menhir 115 Points
    I'll bet they would.

    Barring any radical performance and feature upgrade in their dedicated GPS devices, I'm not likely to get a newer Garmin. I'll probably keep using the Zumo 660 until its end of usefulness.

    I still use it because of it's durability, weather resistance, and glove-sensitive screen, along with the fact that a lot of my favorites are already programmed in it, plus what the heck, I already own it.

    Cellular phones and apps have caught up in many ways. The Garmin POI search is woefully slow and inadequate by comparison, too. (I use an app which works offline, so I'm not tied to the interwebs.)

    My phone GPS used to be the backup for my Garmin. It's soon going to be the other way around.

    Times change. :-)
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