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Roadmate 3030-LM Last Update

I ran the update procedure for my Magellan Roadmate 3030-LM about a couple of years ago, and again last month, and there were no new updates. While the Roadmate was connected to my computer, I browsed the map data, and the maps look like they're at least 5 years old.

Any idea if Magellan will ever release new updates for the 3030-LM? The maps in my Roadmate are getting seriously out of date.



  • Boyd 2044 Points
    We only get a couple posts per year in this forum, so unfortuately I doubt that you'll find the answer here. I don't think Magellan sells automotive GPS units anymore, do they?
  • tfw 0 Points

    Thanks for the heads-up. I hoped someone on Magellan might be following the forum.

    When we bought the "Lifetime" map version, I expected more than 5 years of updates!! < Grumble />

    - Tom
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