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Nuvi 55 -2015

Hi Gang

I have a Garmin Nuvi 55 (2015) and would like to upload American Streets U.S. only. Could someone please guide me through the download page?

Thank You!


  • Boyd 2044 Points
    What map is currently installed on the GPS now? What do you mean by "American Streets U.S. only"? Is this a Garmin map? Is that the name of a map? Garmin's street map is called "City Navigator".
    edited September 2020
    Hi There Boyd - Thanx for the reply. To answer your question, I'm trying to determine the current Map name? Do I need to power it up from my car lighter to see that? Or can I determine that from opening the files when I navigate the folders from my PC? I see numerous folders/files from my PC ... I don't see anything called "City Navigator" Perhaps there are no more street map updates for a 2015 Nuvi 55?

    Thank You
  • Boyd 2044 Points
    edited September 2020
    Was really just asking a simple question, let me put it differently. Do you live in the US? Did you buy the GPS in the US and did it have US maps installed on it? If so, you will have the City Navigator North America Map.

    You will not see any file with that name on the computer. But if this you have a GPS that originally had US maps installed, you should just be able to run Garmin Express and it will offer to update your maps (which will be free).

    If you're in another country and want to add US maps, that's something completely different.
  • Hey Boyd

    Upon further investigation the current U.S. map installed is called CN North America NT 2017.10 Lower 49 ...

    Is it possible to download and install anything later using Garmin Express?

    Thank You

  • privet01 231 Points
    edited September 2020
    nuvi 55 may not have free lifetime map updates depending on whether it is just a nuvi 55 or a nuvi 55-lm or lmt.

    If you go to garmin's site and download Garmin Express and install it on your macbook or PC, then you can connect your nuvi to it and it'll know what your device is and whether it's entitled to free map updates.

    If you have to buy a map update, it might be better to buy another inexpensive nuvi. But it's a toss up on that, I could go either way depending on things probably only important to me.

    If you do install garmin express to your computer, give it time to update itself after the install. Don't be in a hurry to plug in your nuvi till GE is happy with itself.

    Garmin has an online manual for your device. Just google on Garmin nuvi 55. or use this........
  • Thank You!
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